​Bible Study Groups

West Brethren Church

Touching Hearts ~ Transforming Lives

West Brethren Church offers Bible study classes at 9:00 am Sunday morning. Currently, we have the following classes:

Sunday School for children of all ages

   Ages 2-4                        Teacher:  Renee Thomas

   Ages 5-9                        Teacher:  Darlene Gentry

   Ages 10-12                    Teacher:  Sandy Borrenpohl

   Confirmation (12-up)     Teacher:  Patti James

   Ages 13-18                    Teacher:  Kevin Scheler

Young Adult 19-up            Teacher:  Kyle & Kara Crawford


​Ladies Bible Study            Teacher:  Janice Beseda

​Men's Bible Study             Teacher:  Randy Niemeyer 

Second Sunday Combined Adult Classes:

    Rotation: Reid Gentry, Randy Niemeyer, Janice Beseda