Board of Elders President

Reid Gentry

Bro. Gerry Davis has been serving as Interim Pastor of West Brethren Church since January 2020 and became full-time Pastor July 2020. 

Gerry is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Seminary and Baylor University.  He and his wife, Shara, have been married for 52 years.  They have five grandchildren and their daughter, Melissa Morrow and her husband, Mike, serve on the staff of Crossroads Church in Odessa, Texas.

Gerry has served in Churches all across Texas - Waco, Riesel, Turnertown, Port O'Connor and Seadrift.

When Gerry retired a few years ago, he asked his wife where she would like to go to church.  She said she wanted to go back to the church she grew up in....West Brethren.  After joining the church, Gerry taught Sunday Bible Studies and served on the Board of Elders

Gerry has a great love for God and His Church.  He and Terry Crawford, Assistant to the Pastor, have a great working relationship and both have the same goal of growing God's Church spiritually and in fellowship.  Come join us for worship online or in person.  We would love to share God's love with you!


Assistant to Pastor: 

Terry Crawford with wife, Debbie

West Brethren Church

Touching Hearts ~ Transforming Lives



Rev. Gerald Davis, Jr. with wife, Shara

L-R  Janice Beseda, Kyle Crawford, Howard Sommerfeld, Reid Gentry, David Winget, David Coleman, Alan McNeil

Terry Crawford has attended West Brethren Church for over 30 years.  He served on the Board of Elders for several years in the positions of Secretary and President.  He is active in the Sunday School Department where he has been teaching a Sunday Bible Study class.

Terry is a graduate of Hill College and Texas A&M University.  He began his teaching and coaching career in 1989.   September 2022 begins Terry's 31st year at Abbott ISD where he serves as the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach.  He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 35 years.  They have two children, Kyle and his wife Kara, and Kaitlin Goode and her husband Tyler.  They have been blessed with three grandsons, Kagen & Kasen Crawford and Hudson Goode, who brought a new dimension of love to their lives.

Terry looks forward to serving alongside Pastor Gerry Davis and continuing to grow as a servant of God's Church.  Together, they will continue the Church's mission of "Touching Hearts and Transforming Lives." 

Board of Elders 
Howard Sommerfeld - Vice President

Janice Beseda - Secretary

David Winget - Head Usher

Kyle Crawford - Pulpit Supply

​Alan McNeil - Assistant Usher

​David Coleman - At-Large